Bandits NVWF Program Uniforms

  • T-Shirt and Shorts: Wrestlers registered as “Bandits NVWF” or  will receive Bandits NVWF Program T-Shirt and Shorts at no additional cost. Bandits NVWF Program T-Shirts and Shorts will be shipped to the leader of the Bandits NVWF Program for distribution. You will NOT have to order these items in the Spirit Wear store at the bottom of this page.
NVWF Uniform Size Request
  • Singlets:

The Bandits NVWF Program will loan out singlets to wrestlers registered as “Bandits NVWF”. Parents must submit a deposit and return the singlet upon departure from the program or at the end of the season (whichever comes first).

Bandits NVWF Program parents also have the option to purchase other spirit wear from the Bandits two on-line stores (see below).


Bandits Advanced Program Uniforms

The Advanced uniform package consists of singlet, fight shorts, and Bandits Shirt. The store for  singlets and fight shorts closes on October 17th. The team does have some surplus items at a discount. Contact Will Coughlin for more info or to see if your size is available.

Click the button below to order your singlet and fight shorts. Use the Spirit Wear Store for Advanced required Bandit Shirt

Singlet / Fight Shorts

The Bandits  Program will loan singlets to wrestlers registered and receiving Financial Aid.


NVWF/Advanced Programs Bandit Spirit Wear

Click the button below to order Bandits spirit wear through November 13th.
Spirit Wear



Contact William Coughlin

Last updated on July 15th, 2018

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