Carolyn grew up in the horse country of Kentucky.  Her love for competition began in her formative years in horse competitions.  As a teenager, Carolyn moved with her family to Washington, DC area.  There she learned to appreciate the art of wrestling from close friends in high school.  After college in Massachusetts, Carolyn started her first company helping folks find jobs in the competitive Washington, DC marketplace.  Moving out to California with her family, Carolyn found her niche in helping wrestlers become better competitors.

Carolyn has been coaching for 8 years in California where she operates and coaches at the largest dedicated wrestling training center.  Her expertise and expansive knowledge in body positioning / leveraging wrestling, math of wrestling, and mat / competition coaching, as well as college preparation and recruiting has helped over 300 High School National Champions, High School All-Americans, High School State Champions, and High School Placer wrestlers.
Academic success is important to Carolyn, too.  She has instituted academic training programs and SAT/ACT  courses for wrestlers and has aided over 300 student athletes being accepted to and wrestling in college.

As a Board Member and coach at Wrestling Prep Non-Profit, Carolyn has years of successful wrestling tournament participation, including wrestlers winning or placing annually at:

Walsh Jesuit Ironman since 2007
Super 32 since 2007
FLO Nationals since inception
Freak Show since inception

Carolyn is also 2X CA FLO National Team Coaching Staff Member and USA Bronze Certified Coach.
When she’s not helping wrestlers, Carolyn enjoys gardening and time with her two kids and dog, Clementine.

Last updated on August 11th, 2018

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